June 2018 Wiki Updates

Will Teagarden

June 26, 2018 - Just wanted to let everyone know that we've had some pretty significant updates to our Wiki Site in the last month for players to check out. We've had a wide variety of updates from behind the scenes to in character entries that I think everyone may find useful. I've even put in some new resource links that can help with different storylines.

Just a few of the more interesting:

Away Team Guidelines - The Captain's rules for who to send on an away mission and the equipment that they should take.
Impulse Drive - A detailed analysis of the Impulse Engine.
Phaser - Images of the various phasers that our Fleet uses.
Sol System - An overview of the Sol System and Sector 001.
Timeline - A full timeline for our group from the last moments of Star Trek Nemesis all the way through the current month.
Tricorder - An overview of our all new Wrist Tricorder.
Warp Drive - A detailed analysis of the Warp Drive.

More updates to come in the future including the Combadge, PADD, and the Transporter!